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All vineyard management operations respect the environment and comply with the principles and techniques of organic agriculture. By adopting agronomic and agricultural methods that encourage beneficial insect life and maintain a cover crop, we strive to further enhance a natural and agronomic environment that is outstanding to start with.

The exclusively hand-picked grapes are transported for selection and vinification to the multi-level cellar, where fruit moves from the delivery zone to the pressing area by force of gravity alone. A special room for drying grapes has been set up in the driest, best-ventilated part of the cellar.

The obtained wines have the characteristic mineral savoriness and natural freshness. Vinfication methods for the white wines respect the fruit from which they are obtained, thanks to spontaneous alcoholic fermentation and the blocking of malolactic fermentation. Red wines are obtained by meticulous maceration on the skins and spontaneous fermentation.



The OasiPicolit bed & breakfast was set up as the hospitality section of the territory promotion project it is named after. Located on the floor above the Aquila del Torre cellar, the B&B has three beautifully furnished, cosily relaxing rooms to make you feel at home.

If you love good wine and want to immerse yourself in an unspoilt natural environment, this is the place for you. The building stands in verdant woodland, offering guests opportunities to walk or cycle through the vineyards sprawling over the two beautiful natural amphitheatres.

Udine, a town with a huge range of art and cultural trails to explore, is only 20 minutes away. Cividale is also only 20 minutes away by road while you can reach the coast at the beautiful resort of Grado in less than an hour.

OasiPicolit is the ideal base for your next vacation in the green countryside of Friuli!