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FERRUCCIO Sgubin – In accordance with energy and nature

The owners of the Sgubin Company, Ferruccio and Adelina, have been able to create a structure that is a little rural hamlet. Together with the collaboration and support of their son Gianni and their daughter Lucia they gave birth to a structure that is a perfect combination of wine tradition, food, hospitality and further more .
Ferruccio, born in 1929, is a smiling sports-loving guy with a very good memory. Together with his wife Adelina, he opened in May 2012, the “Percorso Vitae” a circular path through their vineyards where guests may get involved with the evolution of the vine, from the ancestral to the present vines. In order to promote self-guided visits, a route equipped with specific bilingual signs and descriptive panels has been created that starts from the central company location to the woods inspecting the Judrio Valley, a fluvial valley located on the eastern border of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia.

Walking along the path visitors may admire the terraces that centuries ago have been formed on steep slopes. Slopes and hills dug with pickaxes to create large step-terraces, more than a meter deep where ancient vines were planted.
The vineyard is also environment-friendly and all the Sgubin family has committed for a low environmental impact philosophy by having adopted an innovative common heating system. As a matter of fact the farm fuel feeding is made of all the scraps deriving from working the grapevine and the surrounding land.
Now, as then, the high quality of the wines of this area certainly depends on the special microclimate, on expert craftsman ability but above all on the nature of the soil, the so-called “ponca”. A sandstone marl of Eocene origin, that is the result of stratifications of millions of years –rich in minerals and microelements that gives the wine, especially white, its unique and unmistakable organoleptic connotation.
In accordance with the ancient farming and viticulture traditions completely respectful of nature the Sgubin family considers interesting and important to repeat vine varieties historically rooted in the territory with strong self-defense mechanisms which prevent the plant protection not only from traditional parasitic components but also from those of the new generation.
Their estate covers 1600 hectares of selected vineyards. Of them 85% are dedicated to white grapes, while the remaining to the red grapes and their result is 13 varieties of white and 5 red wines.
Amongst the white wines Friulano, Malvasia Istriana and Ribolla Gialla excel, while Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Suavignon and Pinot Gris form the group of the most famous red wines.
But the Sgubin family has not only selected and high-quality vineyards in their estate.

sgubin ingresso
“The Guest House” , once used as the main stables, cellar and hayloft, now is a cosy and cheerful space dedicated to the wine tastings.
Moreover there is a typical rural farmhouse with six double-rooms distinguished by a different color, by furniture and bed-linen according to the past Friulan style.
And at the end there is their restaurant “Cjant Dal Rusignul”, meaning “the nightingale song”.
With a warn and fascinating identity it is expertly managed by Adelina, the dynamic and active grandmother, her daughter Lucia and Nadia (Gianni’s wife).
Inside their restaurant all the guests may find the wine cellar, a large climate controlled room intended to preserve Sgubin incredible selection of wines.