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  • Asperum IV®

    Asperum IV®

    Asperum_logoAsperum IV, aged 15 years in barrels of different woods and presented in a bottle of 250 ml, is a fine and versatile product. Thanks to its consistency and bittersweet taste it is particularly suitable for uncooked dishes such as salads or cheeses or even on pasta, risotto or second courses of meat and fish.

  • Asperum V®

    Asperum V®

    Asperum_logoAsperum V, aged 5 years, presented in a 250 ml bottle, is the only vinegar which contains, in addition to the must, 30% of wine vinegar. This imparts a mainly bitter taste, making it perfect as a dressing for salads or grilled vegetables, or as an ingredient to prepare sauces and savoury icing.

  • Asperum®


    Asperum_logoAsperum is a precious and unique balsamic vinegar. It is presented in 2 versions of 50 or 100 ml, with a wooden base and a measuring top made of glass. Aged for 30 years and produced traditionally, it does not contain any other ingredients apart from the grape must of Refosco and Friulano. After a long refinement it acquires a density and an aromatic complexity which enhances the flavour of any dish.
    Excellent on ice cream, particular on dark chocolate and on strawberries; Asperum can also be used on sushi and sashimi, in place of the conventional soya sauce.