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The Midolini factory is in Manzano, North-east Italy not far from Venice. It was founded as a hobby about 50 years ago with the first selection of barrels bought by Lino Midolini. Today the Midolini factory has around 2,300 barrels deposited in the old family farmhouse, mentioned in the Guinness book of Records, 1998 as being the largest in the world. In this magical atmosphere Asperum matures, the result of the slow cooking of Refosco (red) and Friulano (white) grapes. Then ages in 7 different barrels made of Chestnut, Oak, Cherry, Ash Juniper, Locust tree, and Mulberry; resulting in a final bouquet with a characteristic both unique and special. Midolini offers a range of products at the highest level, continuing the ancient traditions of the Romans of Aquileia cooking and aging the grapes, known as sapa (in Latin), in wooden barrels.

This delicious product is offered in different versions:

  • ASPERUM, in orange packaging, is available in 50ml or 100ml bottles, with wooden base and self-dosing top in silver. Aged for 30 years it is the result of a slow refinement of cooked grapes left to mature over a long period giving an excellent density and a wonderful aromatic bouquet. Just one drop is enough to exalt any dish; from mature cheese, minestrone, meat and fish to ice-cream and strawberries; it is also sublime with dark chocolate and following the new trend with international dishes like Sushi and Sashimi.
  • ASPERUM IV, in green packaging. Aged for 15 years, it is available in 250ml bottle; its excellent consistency and weet-sour balance is ideal to use on cold dishes like salad or fresh cheese, or in cooked dishes like pasta, risotto, meat and fish.
  • ASPERUM V, in red packaging. Aged for 5 years, it is available in 250ml bottle; it is made from cooked grapes and 30% white vinegar. Its flavour is particularly sour, making it perfect as an unique condiment on salads, grill vegetables and excellent in sauces and glasse to accompany food.

Since June 2007, Asperum has been included in the list of traditional agri-food products, decreed by the Minister of Agriculture.