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The History of a product, the charm of ancient traditions, the excitement for a discovery, the awareness to search and offer quality.
In 1976 Mrs Jolanda de Colo and Antonello Pessot founded Jolanda de Colò recovering an ancient family tradition and a lost regional farmer activity: the goose breeding. Today JDC represents a world of over 2000 products of the highest quality from fresh meat and fish to processed products, cured, smoked, marinated, dry and cooked.
A world of flavors dedicated to the best in supplying food.
Some numbers:
5.000 sqm industrial plant, 50 employees, 150 sales men, 4.000 clients, 50.000 shipments,
100.000 boxes, 1.000.000 kg sold, Working in over 15 countries.
UE approved for meat processing: cutting, curing, smoking, cooking.
Ue approved for fish processing: cutting, curing, smoking, cooking.
No- EU Export approval: Russia, China, Hong Kong, UAE.
Halal certificate, Kosher certificate, Bio certificate.